Home Sweet Home Bundle
Home Sweet Home Bundle


Home Sweet Home Bundle


Looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly housewarming gift for someone? We've got you covered!

Our NEW 'Home Sweet Home' Bundle has a selection of gorgeous handcrafted, artisanal products including coconut bowls, coconut candles, bamboo straws... that will give your home that paradise feel you're looking for. 

What's included?

  • Original Bowl x2
  • Ebony Spoon x2
  • Ebony Fork x2
  • Ebony Knife x2
  • Bali Bowls - Nasi Bowl x1, Saldo Bowl x1, Jiwa Bowl x1
  • Bayi Candle - Toasted Coconut x2
  • Cahaya Candle - Aura x2, Paradise x2, Waves x2
  • Bamboo Straw Set x2
  • 196 page Balinese Cook eBook x 1

WORTH - £194.00, save £84.00!! Only £110.00

Over 40 billion coconuts are treated as waste each year. Some used as charcoal, but most are thrown away to be left to rot or burned which contributes to our ever-growing CO2 + methane emissions.

By choosing this bundle, you are choosing to make a difference to our planet as well as making someone's new home resemble paradise!

All of our products are unique, with their own personalities! We can't wait for you to try them! 

Stay coconuts!