Cahaya Candle Holder - Aura
Cahaya Candle Holder - Aura

Cahaya Candle Holder - Aura


Create your paradise at home with our NEW stunning handcrafted, authentic Tea Light Candle Holder - or Cahaya Candle.

Each coconut shell is one of a kind, individual, unique and designed to create the perfect ambience of light, colour and texture. You’ll get lost in the waves of light this tea light candle holder emits.

Candle light provides many benefits for our body and mind. The light can create a calming atmosphere, reduce anxiety, play an integral part in a more romantic setting or simply make a super stylish addition to your home!


  • One 100% natural handcrafted Coconut shell bowl 

  • Real coconut shell, unique in size, colour and texture, fire proof.

  • Average size - 350-450ml, 13cmx13cmx6cm

  • Eco-friendly and durable

  • Sourced ethically at a fair price

  • Care instructions and Returns policy - please see FAQs

  • Paradise found in a coconut shell!