Cocabana | Ayah Candle (Jumbo Bowl)
Ayah Candle - Coconut, Cacao & Vanilla
Ayah Candle - Coconut, Cacao & Vanilla


Ayah Candle - Coconut, Cacao & Vanilla


Create that idyllic calming atmosphere, with our NEW signature Jumbo Coconut Bowl Candle - or Ayah Candle.  It is a gorgeous coffee table candle centrepiece. With over 100 hours burn time, you will be transported to the beaches of Bali.

The candle is made from 100% soy wax with the perfect balance of cocoa butter, raw cacao and coconut & vanilla fragrance oils. The addition of cocoa butter and raw cacao adds a gentle chocolate aroma to the tropical, exotic fragrances of coconut and vanilla. A recreation of paradise.

Each candle is then finished with three eco-cotton wicks making this a wonderful coffee table candle.

Handmade in Wales, the scent has been tried and testing and is guaranteed to transform the atmosphere in your home into one of sweet, calm paradise.

With each candle being mixed and poured by hand into the coconut bowls the finish on each of them will be completely unique. They have been poured in the way that the coconut bowl naturally sits, so that it won’t start wobbling as the candle burns down. This can mean that some have a high back and a low front or they sit completely flat. This adds to the unique authenticity of each candle and coconut bowl.

Candle light provides many benefits for our body and mind. The light can create a calming atmosphere, reduce anxiety, play an integral part in a more romantic setting or simply make a natural, stylish addition to your home!




  • One 100% natural Jumbo Coconut bowl 

  • Scented Environmentally friendly Soy Wax - Cacao, Coconut & Vanilla 

  • Three eco-cotton wick candle

  • Burn time - 100-120 hours

  • Real coconut shell, unique in size, colour and texture, fire proof.

  • Average size - 700-800ml, 13cmx13cmx6cm

  • Eco-friendly and durable

  • Sourced ethically at a fair price

  • Care instructions and Returns policy - please see FAQs

  • Paradise found