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Cafes, Zero Waste Stores, Lifestyle Stores


We already work with some incredible cafes that are aligned with our values and are building communities of people that are committed to living a better life - for themselves and the planet. 

Get in touch and work with us to become another one of our cafe partners! 

Zero Waste Stores

Zero waste is something each individual should strive for - reducing, reusing and recycling are now integral parts of how we should be living. 

We've partners with zero waste stores all over the UK and are proud to offer a product that aligns with their movement. 

We'd love for you to be out next Zero Waste partner!

Lifestyle Stores/online retailers

Our coconut bowls are certainly a stylish, unique item that we believe everyone should have! (We're biased of course!) But by simply raising awareness and working with nature's natural properties instead of trying to strip them away, we automatically advocate a force for good. 

This is where the help of lifestyle stores and online retailers come in. We'd love to be able to spice up your product range with some one of a kind coconut bowls, reclaimed wooden spoons and bamboo straw sets! Simply get in touch and we can talk you through it!

Apply for free sample

Otherwise, please fill in the details below and claim your FREE SAMPLE COCONUT BOWL. T&Cs apply - see below.

Make sure to let us know exactly what it is you’re looking for. We believe in creating genuine connections with people and we’d be more than happy to arrange a call to discuss your requirements over the phone too.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Stay coconuts,

Team Cocabana

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:

1. You must be a registered business to qualify for receiving a FREE sample coconut bowl.

2. We have the right not to send the free sample coconut bowl if you are not a registered business.

3. The address we send the sample to must be your business address.

4. Only one per customer available for free as we are offering this product for you to experience our Cocabana coconut bowls.

5. Only available to new customers, not existing customers of Cocabana.

6. We have the right to withdraw this offer at any time without giving notice.

7. We have the right to update the terms and conditions at any time.