Recipes: Plant Based + Vegan

In this recipe page, you will find a list of links to vegan, plant-based recipes and methods for you to try at home! From smoothie bowls to buddha bowls, soups to curry bowl and some slightly more indulgent vegan desserts! 

We believe in living a mindful life with health and wellbeing, sustainability and community at its heart. Cooking and enjoying delicious, healthy meals is an integral part of doing exactly that. Which is why we want to share some of our favourites with you!! 

You can find some of them over on our Instagram page as well - Cocabana :)

Let's get started with the recipes:

1. Cocabana Smoothie Bowl

2. Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl

3. Strawberry + Banana Smoothie Bowl

4. Vegan Protein Caramel Nice Cream

5. Cherry + Cacao Smoothie Bowl