Changing the way we give back...

It can be frustrating and upsetting at times, seeing the destruction of our planet, the overuse of plastic destroying our oceans, not understanding the provenance of our food and where it really comes from. So, things are about to change, we at Cocabana want to do our part; we don't  want to be another company saying we are sustainable, eco friendly, zero carbon etc. we want to change the way we give back forever!

What is this all about?

Small steps can make a big changes, as we say "helping one coconut at a time". We would like you to be part of this change along with us. Project.Trust is about making the difference, being accountable, understanding the provenance of the products we sell, giving back to our planet, giving back to our suppliers (small farmers),  creating a better planet, better product and a better you/us.

How do we do this?

It's not all about money, it's about the part we play in making change happen. This can be volunteering, donations, support, spreading the word! We are committed to changing the way we give back for ever. It's important for us to understand the provenance of the products we sell, to pay a fair price, to give back through volunteering (getting to know the products that we sell at grass roots level), supporting the farmers through donations to improve farming methods, not just to give a donation with no accountability, we want to see how the donation is making a difference, how this is reducing carbon footprint, reducing plastic consumption etc.

Where do you come in?

We would like you to join us in making a positive change? This could be visiting our small farmers in Vietnam; volunteering, being part of the community for change, or perhaps helping our eco-partners such as SAS (Surfers Against Sewage) by helping our beach clean initiatives, river clean projects that make a difference to our sea, waterways, wildlife and environment.

Where do we come in?

  1. We will contribute 5% of our turnover to Project.Trust. This money will be used under strict guidelines, where accountability for change is foremost. We will use the money to help fund new initiatives to restore the planet through the partners that we work with.
  2. We will only sell products that have provenance, sustainable credentials, eco-friendly and fit inline with our vision.
  3. We will build a support base to help us achieve change for the better.
  4. We will communicate our initiatives with truth and accountability.


Would you like to find out more and be part of this change, just add your email address below, and we will keep you upto date with projects, how we are making a difference, how you can help be part of this movement of giving back!


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