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Cocabana HELP

Why Cocabana HELP?

Our mission has always been to encourage small steps of positive change that can lead to huge impacts on the environment, the world, and within each other.

We believe it's important to go above and beyond, and in doing so, we want to encourage a lifestyle that will not only help the environment, it will also encompass positive personal development through creative solutions and ideas.


What does HELP stand for?

H - Health & Wellbeing

E - Environment & Education

L - Lifestyle & Learning

P - Purpose & Performance


How do I be a part of this?

If you wish only to watch. HELP will be delivered initially through Instagram live events encompassing all 4 elements. Dates, lineup and schedule will be sent out in our newsletter.

If you would like to participate, why not contact us today and introduce yourself. We would love to hear from you.


March Wellness Week - 2021 - Hosted by Cocabana.

We have teamed up with a raft of experts to bring you live webinars.

Cookalong with Stephanie Elswood  Yoga Flow with TheVeganYogaGirl Q&A - with Laura Way at VotchWatch
Emma talks all things photography. EmmaPharoahPhoto 30 minute blast with Oli Curry Q&A with Giuseppe Federici
Inspiring Q&A with Daniel Jones Morning Yoga with Jasmin Colangelo Q&A  with Mollie Bylett
Conversation into plant based foods with Philip Q&A with Wendy - Completion Coach Yin Yoga with Rebecca Harris
Q&A with PureSport CBD FGB Workout with Simon and Charlotte


October Wellness Week  - 2020 Hosted By Cocabana

We've teamed up with some amazing experts in their field to bring you live 'webinars', from cooking, exercise and even overcoming adversity in a pandemic! Re-live the experience.

Workout with Stephanie Elswood  Yin Yoga with Rebecca Harris Keralan Curry and Inspiring Conversation with Renee McGregor
Raw Vegan Cookie Dough with Niall Kennedy Overcoming Adversity Q&A with Luke Tyburski Runners Warm Up Circuit with Twice The Health
Mighty Mushroom Bowl with Calum Harris A Dynamic Morning Yoga with Jasmin Colangelo