Where can I buy coconut bowls?

You can buy them HERE. Our coconut bowls have our Cocabana logo included on each bowl. 

 Care instructions for the coconut bowls?

The coconut bowls are quite durable, but for best results and long lasting lives here are the most important things to note:

  1. Upon receiving the coconut bowls for the first time, polish with coconut oil and leave them to soak in the oil for around 2 hours. You can then wipe the oil off after allowing the coconut oil to rehydrate the coconut bowls and off you go!
  2. Wash straight away after eating, if possible, with warm soapy water and avoid soaking for extended periods of time.
  3. Try not to let the coconut bowls air dry, dry them immediately after washing.
  4. Avoid the fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher and any other extreme temperature environment. For example, if you're serving hot porridge or hot soup or even a hot curry, please allow it to cool to not so intense a temperature. These are natural products at the end of the day so it's important to treat them with care!
  5. Polish you coconut bowls with coconut oil roughly every 5 uses to restore and give the bowl its shine back. This will also rehydrate the coconut bowls and also restore their strength! The more you do this, the longer they will last and the stronger they become!


This is how to look after your coconut bowl :)



It's bigger/smaller/deeper/shallower than I thought?

Each coconut bowl is unique as no two coconuts have the same markings. Even bowls from the same set have distinct personalities so please expect minor differences. At the end of the day, your bowl will be the only one of its kind and that's pretty cool no? Size wise, all coconut bowls will vary slightly. On average, our coconut bowls hold:

Coconut bowl - Original variation = 500ml-600ml.

Coconut bowl - Jumbo variation = 700-800ml.

Coconut bowl - Baby bowl variation = 400-600ml.


How long do the coconut bowls last?

As long as you look after them, they'll last you forever!


What's the difference between the natural and original coconut bowls?

The natural bowls haven't been polished, they have a lighter more textured exterior with a polished centre. The Original bowls are fully polished inside and out and benefit from having a smooth, stylish finish.


You say the coconut bowls are biodegradable but also say that they can last you a lifetime, how does that work?

Well, yes they can last you a lifetime if you adopt the appropriate care outlined above. But if you were to decide to get rid of the bowls, they're made of 100% natural, real coconut shell, therefore you can return them to nature and they would begin to decompose straight away. 

How long does shipping take?

We aim to process each and every order within 24-48 hours because we know you want these little beauties ASAP.

This means you should receive your order in 3-5 working days if you’re based in the UK.

For international orders, please allow 7-10 working days for the product to arrive. 

If you have any urgent queries in regards to where it is, then please get in touch with us via email with your order number as the reference and we'll track it down for you as quickly as possible!

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping within the UK will cost £3.95. But for orders above £40 shipping is free. International shipping is £7.99 and for orders over £55 shipping is free.


How will my order be packed?

All orders are packed using recyclable cardboard boxes and recyclable tape. Each bowl is also wrapped in custom recycled eco-friendly tissue paper. Where void fill is necessary to keep the product safe we use brown paper filler and starch based eco filler peanuts! The ones that dissolve in water :)


I've entered the wrong address, HELP!

Because we aim to process these orders as quickly as possible, there is a risk of this happening. We're not liable for lost, held or misplaced items as a result of this. If this has happened, please get in touch with us as soon as you can as the order may not have been processed. Please include your order number and email address for us to get in touch. If the order has been processed and sent to the wrong address, please give your shipping information (found in your order confirmation) to the postal courier and update them by giving the actual address. They will be able to help more than we could. If the item is sent back to us because it hasn't been signed for, then we will send it back to you to the correct address for the cost of the shipping only.

We are here to help, so please don't hesitate to reach out!


Item missing!

If you still haven’t received your order even though your order status says delivered?

  1. Check with your neighbours to make sure the package wasn't delivered to their house. Sometimes the mail carriers leave packages at nearby doors by mistake, and on other occasions 'chance it' and leave it on the front doorstep or behind a bin (we all know this happens!)
  2. If you've no luck next door, and your tracking hasn’t updated, please contact the postal courier. Sometimes they'll hold your order for redelivery and it may just be sat waiting for you to pick it up. Double check the area for the postal slip! If you haven't collected the item in time, they'll return your order to us. If this happens we can help.
  3. Get in touch with us via email hello@cocabana.co.uk with your name, the email used to place your order, your order number and any information you've received from the postal courier. We’ll get back to you ASAP with more details.

How do I return my order?

We're confident you'll love each and every one of our products, but if you aren't satisfied then we will replace them or refund you. Please make sure you:

  1. Notify us within 14 days.
  2. Let us know your name, order number and item/s you'd like to return.
  3. Ensure the products are unused and in their original packaging.

Note: You're responsible for the shipping costs (unless it's a damaged product). Your return will be processed in 3-4 weeks. Please allow 3-5 business working days for the refunds to be issued after processing is complete.

Are coconut bowls safe to eat from?

Yes, absolutely yes. In fact, some say that eating from a coconut bowl actually makes your food taste 20% better.... Cool huh?! 

Also, if you're using our lovely coco or ebony spoons, you'll notice there is no scratching sound either! Music to your ears I hear you say!! 

Can you put hot food in coconut bowls? 

To ensure maximum safety for your precious coconut bowl, make sure that the food you serve is NOT piping hot. The heat can damage the bowl. Now, there are ways to ensure the coconut bowl is still strong and in the shape of it's life! Please see our care instructions video above!! 

What is a coconut bowl?

A coconut bowl is an actual coconut shell that has no water or meat left, it has been cut, sanded and polished by local artisans and is the perfect image of sustainability. Up-cycled, handcrafted, unique and absolutely beautiful. Oh and did I mention that food tastes 20% better when eating from it?! 

Can you wash coconut bowls?

Yes, for best results you should hand wash your coconut bowls with warm soapy water. Don't allow them to soak in the water, and dry them immediately. The last thing you want is a dry, cracked coconut bowl!

Can coconut bowls go in the dishwasher?

Technically, yes. But for the sake of the coconut bowl? No. The heat would seriously damage the shell, and your coconut bowl wouldn't last very long. It is very tempting to throw everything in a dishwasher, we know. But, by looking after your coconut bowl you learn to appreciate and value natural products. They're beautiful. It's pretty incredible actually. This doesn't just apply to coconut bowls either, there are so many incredible up-cycled natural products available. Hopefully our coconut bowls can inspire you to search for more!! We need to focus on embracing the stunning forms nature can take when we work with its natural properties instead of trying to strip them away. It's serious stuff. Sorry that a question about putting your coconut bowl in the dishwasher turned into a lecture about the environment.....

Can I tag you on Instagram?

Of course!! Awareness is key! The most effective way to create positive change is together!! We encourage everyone to have pictures taken with their coconut bowls and creations! Tagging us will help us so much so please tag away. We’ll repost your photos on our platform, if you wish, either on our story or as a main feed post. Cocabana is a community. Come and be a part of it! :)



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