About us

In the beautiful bliss of Bali, two vacationers found paradise in the bottom of a coconut.
Born from an overwhelming coconut obsession, Cocabana was created to share that bliss while also positively impacting the environment. As a fusion of the delicacies enjoyed on the island of Gili Air, Cocabana’s name was inspired by a delicious smoothie bowl of coconut flakes, cacao nibs, and banana. It also represents the three-pronged initiative of the brand; promote healthy lifestyles, encourage environmental awareness, and build a community of coconut heads.
By providing 100% natural and organic products that people can use, we want to do our part in reducing the carbon footprint of single use plastics and help people learn to adopt positive habits that radiate throughout their entire life. Most of all, we want to embrace the stunning forms nature can take when we work with its natural properties instead of trying to strip it away.
Our aim, with the coconut bowls in particular, is to turn every eating experience into a sensational one by giving you a sense of our experience in paradise.
By providing eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products, our mission is to encourage small steps of positive change that can lead to huge impacts on the environment, the world, and within each individual. We go beyond just saving the planet, we want to encourage a lifestyle that will not only help the environment, it will encompass health and fitness too. We hope to offer solutions and ideas to help with each person’s daily routines for their own personal growth too.
Our vision is to establish a strong community that’s committed to securing our society’s future through constant positive change. We hope to inspire people to join us on our journey and make a difference.