Cocabana | BUNDLE: The Picnic Bundle
The Picnic Bundle
The Picnic Bundle
The Picnic Bundle



The Picnic Bundle



  • Coconut Bowl - Original JUMBO x2
  • Coconut Bowl - Original x2
  • Ebony Spoon x2
  • Ebony Fork x2
  • Ebony Knives x2
  • Bamboo Straw Set x2

2020: The summer of picnics. Create your own perfect picnic with a reminder of paradise. Let our Cocabana bowls take you back to your favourite memories, all the while creating new ones in the process! 

Use them at your picnic for salad bowls, snacks, readymade buddha bowls, throw your fruit in them.. And don't forget.. Everything tastes 20% better served in a coconut bowl!!   

These products are worth almost £80 sold individually.. but as a bundle, we're offering them at £50!

(Offer valid until 31/8/20)