Feed The Family - Natural
Feed The Family - Natural

Feed The Family - Natural


Each coconut bowl is handcrafted by skilled artisans to create that unique eating experience.  100% organic and sustainable,  we believe food tastes 20% better when eaten from a coconut bowl. Ideal for smoothie bowls, breakfast bowls, buddha bowls and porridge bowls. Unsure which bowl to go for? Check out our blog "Which Bowl For What"


  • Coconut Bowl - Natural x4
  • Choice of: Coco Spoon x4 or Ebony Spoon x4
  • Bamboo Straws x4
  • Brush Cleaner x1
  • Drawstring Pouch x1

Enjoying dinner at the table as a family is one thing... why not have dessert tucking into 4 incredibly delicious smoothie bowls to top it off! 

You're also saving the most with this bundle! You may also be gaining the most.... What's more important than sitting down with the family and enjoying incredible foods eating out of Coconuts?!?! 

COCONUT CARE 101 (taking care of your coconut bowl)