World Porridge Day

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Today is World Porridge Day (10th October 2020) and ever since 2009 the world has celebrated this wonderful food in all its glory!

The event was set up by Mary's Meals charity in Argyll, Scotland to help starving children in developing countries like Malawi.  So popular is this wonderful food they even hold The World Porridge Making Championships every year in a small village called Carrbridge in the Scottish Highlands on the same day.

At Cocabana, we know how special this simple comforting bowl of goodness is, that's why we have some exciting news to share with you, on World Porridge Day! 

Can you guess???

We have the bowl, we have the we have the heavenly, decadent and nutrient rich Cacao Protein Porridge!!  And yes, it's vegan friendly too!

Our amazing 6-ingredient plant-based protein porridge has plenty to shout about. With Cacao which is a well-known superfood and organic pea protein that includes 9 essential amino acids, this porridge really packs a punch!

The 500g bag for £13.50 gives you 10 servings, (an average suggested serving of 50g) so that's just £1.35 per serving!  Now where else can you get an ethically sourced, protein rich, organic breakfast to make you smile at that price?

New to Cocabana? Don't worry, we have a Breakfast Porridge Bundle for you to get started on your coconut journey, they also make the ideal gift too!

The main selling point - the FLAVOUR. But I guess there's only one way to find out... pre-order your bag here for delivery from 17th October 2020.

Stay Coconuts!

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