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We’re about to share a tasty secret about coconuts.


Hint: It’s not about eating them. It’s about eating from them.


Coconuts are more than robust flavour and instant tropical vibes. The shell of this versatile fruit can be fashioned into an artisanal food bowl perfect for nutritious smoothies, ice cream desserts, curry dishes, hearty soups, salads, and anything in between.


At Cocabana, we bring to the world what coconut-producing regions have enjoyed for centuries--naturally elegant and surprisingly practical coconut bowls.


High-Hanging Fruit Becomes a Bowl


Coconut bowls are entirely handcrafted using simple tools.


The husk, or hairy exterior, of the coconut is peeled away, revealing a woody, uniquely marbled underbelly. Water is then drained from the stone fruit through strategically drilled holes. The shell undergoes a fine sanding process to smooth out bumps and rough spots before being sliced down the middle into hemispheres.


Coconut fruit inside the shell is carved out with a scooping tool. Lastly, the shell is further sanded and oiled, producing a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind bowl.


Sustainability in a Fruit Shell


We think Cocabana is a place where fun meets social responsibility.


That’s why we make our coconut bowls eco-friendly and sustainable. We source our coconut shells from Vietnam, a country with an abundance of shells that go unused. Unfortunately, 99% of discarded shells here end up as burned charcoal. By reclaiming coconut shells, we help reduce the carbon footprint of local farmers.


We’re also big believers in ethical trade. We purchase coconut shells directly from the growers at a fair price, which provides a recurring revenue stream to our partner communities.


Each Bowl Is a World of Its Own


Since no two coconuts have the same markings, size, or shape, each Cocabana coconut bowl is a unique, naturally created art piece. Even bowls from the same set have distinct personalities.


Our coconut bowls are safe for consuming hot and cold food. The natural material is strong and incredibly durable, offering you a lifetime of reuse. Cleaning coconut bowls is a breeze with just a dab of soap and lukewarm water.


As you can tell, we’re nuts about coconut bowls. We think you will be too after inviting one of these wonderful bowls into your kitchen.



Cocabana Coconut Bowls Sustainability

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