Reflecting on our LIVE Wellness Week

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‘Reflective thinking turns experience into insight.’

- John C. Maxwell

We thought it would be a good time to share some lessons we’ve learned from the incredible wellness sessions we hosted last week. Each and every session was insightful and inspiring in its own way! It would be criminal not to summarise and share the key takeaways with you.

What is 'Reflection'?

Reflection gives us an opportunity to pause amidst the chaos. We are able to untangle our experience, and create something new that will add even more value to our lives and others. Put simply, we learn and implement that learning moving forward.

What we learned from our Wellness Week

Live Session 1 - Workout with Stephanie Elswood 

  • Working out in the morning left us feeling energised and more focused for the rest of the day. We also slept better that evening! Whether that was because of the workout we’re not sure.
  • The internet cut out mid session, meaning we lost most of the video. Although we were gutted in that moment, we had no choice but to get straight back on the live and move forward! Our first bit of adversity of the week!

Live Session 2 - Yin Yoga with Rebecca Harris

  • It takes discipline to remain still in a slightly uncomfortable position for extended periods of time! But, once we accepted that feeling and almost welcomed it, it became really 'freeing'. With each breathe, we could feel our body sinking deeper into each stretch without even pushing! It was almost like meditating and stretching at the same time for us. Incredible.

Live Session 3 - Keralan Curry and Inspiring Conversation with Renee McGregor

  • Firstly, the longer you cook a curry, the better it tastes! Keep it on a low heat and let it works its magic.
  • Curries can be some of the healthiest meals out there, just be aware of the calories when you use coconut milk! Everything in moderation - it's about balance right?
  • Garlic, ginger, onion - prebiotic foods are incredible for your gut health. Probiotics need prebiotics for both to thrive!
  • Never trust your wifi...
  • Tofu - a complete protein, packed with calcium that is crucial for muscle contractions.
  • The lack of control we having at the moment is causing limiting beliefs - 'If I don't hit 10,000 steps, something dreadful with happen.' This creates a false sense of security! The more we cycle the limiting beliefs, the more they become our reality. Fear is the driving force. So, flip fear on its head - show compassion and forgiveness towards yourself and don't allow the fear to overcome you. 
  • A moment of bravery and honesty has the power to inspire the masses.

Live Session 4 - Raw Vegan Cookie Dough with Niall Kennedy

  • Positive change will never come from telling someone what do to, it will come from showing someone how to do it! Educate to inspire! 
  • Raw Vegan Cookie Dough is epic - it's also a 'healthier' version, but that's not to say you can inhale the whole lot! Moderation people! :)
  • You can be vegan and a professional athlete!

Live Session 5 - Overcoming Adversity Q&A with Luke Tyburski 

  • There are three elements to overcoming adversity - Your key fundamentals, being efficient and accepting your new normal!
  • Life is never black and white, it's impossible to stay positive all of the time. Why not try to be less negative? Understand what happened, how it happened and what you can focus on to move forwards.
  • Self belief and confidence? Self-belief is thinking you can do something. It's just a thought. Ask yourself 'What if I can?' and say it with purpose until you believe it! Confidence is built from three things - consistent actions, positive self talk and a supportive community.. Combine all three! 
  • Negative self talk is 7 times more powerful than positive self talk - so for every negative thing you say about yourself, you need 7 positive things to make up for it. Be mindful of how you talk to and about yourself!

Live Session 6 - Runners Warm Up Circuit with Twice The Health

  • How to train efficiently
  • How to train to avoid injury
  • Why mobility is so important
  • What is loaded movement
  • Runstrong - an epic running programmed designed specifically for those wanting to improve their running! Exciting!
  • A mobility session to perform pre run!
  • If this became a routine, how much would this improve the health of our muscles and joints, would it lead to better longevity training wise and would we enjoy the process more because of it?

Live Session 7 - Mighty Mushroom Bowl with Calum Harris

  • A stunning recipe, packed with flavours and nutritious foods!
  • High protein vegan food and why it's important
  • Why you should use a coconut bowl to eat from!! 
  • We love Calum's energy, if we were to approach everything we did with this same level of enthusiasm and passion, how many people could we inspire?

Live Session 8 - A Dynamic Morning Yoga with Jasmin Colangelo

  • This one is simple - a beautiful dynamic yoga practice that is perfect to start your day! 
  • How do we make this a sustainable habit moving forward?
  • After experiencing this ourselves, how can we encourage others to do the same? 

Thoughts moving forward:

Is there a way we can combine these lessons with the products and potential services we offer our customers. Where is the link?

Is there a place for regular wellbeing weeks throughout the year?

Could we offer this kind of free event/experience every month or every quarter to add value to peoples lives?

What other people can we invite to chat to, to learn from and to then pass on to help and inspire others?

In what way can we use a coconut as a symbol to inspire healthful, sustainable and mindful change in this world?


To summarise, this isn't really a blog post at all! It is a page for you to access these videos for yourselves, to learn from and to use however you like. But mainly, it was a chance for us to reflect and learn. It is a tool that is invaluable really.. Reflecting will help us shape our future as a business and as individuals within the business. 

What it comes down to is constantly working towards becoming the best version of 'you' you can be.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this, so please reach out on Instagram or via email - 

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!

Stay coconuts,

Team Cocabana


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