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Picture this, the world is a very strange place. There is a global pandemic worldwide and countries are either in lockdown or facing restrictions like never before.

Reality of today

The constant message to “wash our hands, wear masks and gloves” all to protect ourselves. What about the environment of our oceans and the countryside, who is protecting them? These are now under attack from disposable gloves, masks and more coffee takeaway cups than you even want to imagine. It’s a scary time for plastic waste.

The Great British Beach Clean week was a success, even though the rule of mass gatherings was fresh in our minds, we still managed to do our bit!

A day at the beach

The Cocabana team headed off to Brighton Beach for the afternoon. A quick stop at the Loading Bar for a fabulous coffee and group chat before we set off, our friends from Sasstainable, Natrl Drinks, Grow Wild Acai, More Life Adventures, Fuel10K, Sucka Straws, and last but no means least Tiba Tempeh at the ready with our biodegradable bags and gloves! It was going to be a day for collaborations and laughs with all the companies who share the same simple goal, to protect our planet. 

Beach clean or a clean beach?

On first glance, we all thought we had been pipped at the post, the beach actually looked so clean as we approached it, however on closer inspection (think, bend down and actually move the sand inspection) this was clearly not the case.  Microplastics were everywhere, these tiny pieces of broken and worn away fragments that are less than 5mm and consist of all types of household waste. To humans, a small piece of plastic can seem harmless, but to ocean life that swallows this thinking its food, it can be fatal. 

What are Micro Plastics 

Our need for convenience is so in demand that the packaging and plastics that we use in everyday items are entering our rivers and passing through the filtration system undetected, to then seep into our oceans.  Microplastics are also in our beauty products, synthetic clothing, cigarette filters (previously the worst offender on most beaches!) and dust particles from vehicle tyres. The sad reality is that, whilst we may not see the collection of plastic pollution around the coast in the UK, most plastics end up in the sub-tropical oceans such as the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Four bags later…

In total that day, in just over an hour and a half of beach cleaning, we collected four biodegradable bin bags full of rubbish! Not bad for a beach that looked clean at first glance! From plastic bottle caps, earbuds, plastic netting to metal bottle caps which are not great if you should step on one. Most of the rubbish was a result of human disposal, especially all the sweet wrappers, plastic bags and food packets. All these items can so easily be taken home and disposed of responsibly.

 Cocabana Beach Clean at Brighton UK

As the beach clean came to a close, we headed back to Loading Bar, hooked up a blender and Hannah and Sam from Grow Wild Acai whizzed up acai bowls for all of us, socially distanced of course! The minutes turned into hours whilst we all chilled and chatted, sharing stories, products and just making genuine long term connections - all with purple acai stained teeth! 


You don’t need a team to do a beach clean and make a difference, just a biodegradable bag and gloves, picking stick (for extra protection or to save your back!) and the will to help the planet one bag of rubbish at a time. Being aware of the impact our actions have on the environment is the first step to change. 

Buy responsibly, take responsibility and most of all, think about the planet being here for everyone to enjoy for generations of all species to come.


Remember, small habits that when multiplied make the biggest difference.


“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”. ― Albert Einstein


Oh and we forgot to mention, we have some special discounts codes to share with you courtesy of some of the amazing brands we have cleaned with - these codes are valid until the 31st of October 2020 :)

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Grow Wild Acai - NOTRACE (10%)
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Natrl Drinks - COCO15 (15%)
Sucka Straws - REUSEME10 (10%)
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Thank you so much for reading,

Stay Coconuts! 🌴


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