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As Cocabana gets ready to celebrate its First Birthday, it has been a time to reflect on what the company has achieved in just less than 12 months. 

Apart from the obvious of helping the planet and coconut farmers, it has also been a personal year of achievement for me since the idea first entered my head after a trip to Bali.

Just another day or was it?

Let’s go back a few months when it was a normal day consisting of checking emails and planning our new products for launch in the Autumn when out of no-where (literally) I was speechless to read that I had been nominated for the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award 2020

What are The Great British Entrepreneurial Awards?

It was something I had never even heard about, let alone even though I would be nominated for. After a few emails, conversations and lots of info later, I was notified that I had reached the “Finalist” stage. Wow, how exciting was this! In total, 117 entrepreneurs from 84 businesses were shortlisted across 14 categories. You can find out more The Great British Entrepreneur Awards here.  

Bow tie and shorts!

Lewis Robling Great British Entrepreneur Awards Ceremony

The day of the awards ceremony came, although it wasn’t all red carpet and champagne dinners, thanks to COVID, it was a rather special and nerve-racking event. Virtual or not, the butterflies were there flapping around whilst my family, friends and I waited in our dickie bow and dinner jackets including my grey shorts (it was virtual after all and what better way to rock the lockdown) for the category to be announced. Honoured by all the amazing businesses and entrepreneurs that had reached the final, we sat patiently as they read out the finalists.

And the winner is...

When they announced Cocabana, or rather they mispronounced it, not that any of us noticed because the screams of cheer that were let out as my picture was plastered across the screen were truly deafening. It was amazing because we had private invites for family and friends to watch the event from their homes around the country, so they were a part of the evening as well. Whilst I never won the award, the fact that I was one of the finalists for the “Entrepreneurial Spirit Award 2020” was a massive achievement in itself. Congratulations to Helen Cooks, from Little Cooks Co. for taking home the title; however all of us on the night were winners. We have been inspired to continue our good work, no matter what challenges (COVID I’m talking to you here!) are put in front of us.  

Small changes can make a difference

We are even more encouraged to continue our work and make a difference in this world, for today and future generations. The world is crying out for our help to sustain itself, so we have to answer that call and act now. Small businesses can have a huge impact to lead the way, to inspire others to live a lifestyle that is not only beneficial to them but to the planet we inhabit.  

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” - Peter Drucker

Stay Coconuts! 

Lewis (Founder of Cocabana)


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