Which Bowl For What?!

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Cocabana bowls - 'Which bowl for what?!'

(when you say that, imagine you're singing DJ Snake - Turn down for what...)

Have you ever wondered what to serve in the different shaped coconut bowls? Well, it's entirely up to you really but here we'll give you a breakdown of what we would usually serve in each of the different beautiful coconut bowls we have on offer for you. I hope you enjoy it, I won't keep you any longer....


Natural Coconut Bowl

The classic. - Not too big, not too small - The perfect medium. It's personality far outweighs it's limitations in size. 

But what to serve in it? Here are some examples:

1. Smoothie Bowls - might as well begin with the obvious eh? It's shallow-ish walls create a wide diameter leaving plenty of room to get creative with decorations! Unleash your inner artist!
2. Cereal - oh the humble cereal. Whether you're a museli, wheatabix, granola, cornflakes or even a bran flakes kind of person.. this bowl is the one for you. It comes with the added bonus of zero 'scratchy sounds' when you eventually scrape the bowl clean. Winner.
3. Chip & Dip - When you reach for the dip, be it hummus, salsa or guacamole, you won't be hampered by the depth of the bowl. You have easy access to the good stuff!
4. Solid foods - Something you may not have thought about.. for example; homemade energy bars, protein balls, vegan cookies, fruit, dried fruit.. the list goes on!
5. Pot Pourri - Now you don't eat this stuff, even though the name sounds like it could be a sweet little french dessert! It's actually dried scented flowers. I have some on the dining table and it looks pretty good as a decoration too!

Let's move on to Baby bowls.....
Baby Bowl
At the end of the day, size comes down to personal preference. Technique is imperative as you create your masterpiece in this bowl. Here are some ideas for you:

1.  Soup - I'm sure you've all had a cup-a-soup... but have you ever tried a coco-cup-a-soup?! It's a great size to hold in the palms of your hands and will no doubt warm you up nicely. Be careful not to serve the soup piping hot though.. we don't want to damage the goods (coconut bowl!!).
2.  Nice Cream/Sorbets - This is a personal favourite of ours! The smaller bowls are quite deceptive - more of a grow-er than a show-er when it comes to capacity! What this means is when you blend your frozen bananas, coconut milk and ingredients of choice to make your nice cream, you won't be disappointed by how much you can fit in your bowl! 
3. Yoghurt - Plant-based, vegan yoghurt for us.But yes, throw a load of yoghurt into the bowl, a few dried berries and some granola and you have an epic little snack to keep you going through the day!
4. Baby Food - Couldn't leave this one out. It would seem ridiculous to do so considering the name of the bowl!! It's great for the youngsters as it will teach them from a young age to use natural products! If our future generations could adopt these habits as if they were normal habits, imagine how much more aware they'll be and what incredible benefits that would have on the planet. 
5. Plants - Yes, plants. Ever thought of buying a bonsai tree and putting it in your coconut bowl?! You have now! You're welcome. Not only that though, growing your own fruit, veg and herbs at home can be possible! Yet another way of bringing nature into your kitchen and appreciating the little things. Not to mention it is an awesome, sustainable way to grown your own food, as well as being cheaper too.
6. Cocktails - We saved the best till last! When the sun is out, and the heat is beaming down on you, who doesn't love a nice cooling drink in the sun. Now, they don't need to be alcoholic either. No judgement on our part as life is all about balance. We have some delicious frozen mocktail recipes on our page so please go and check them out! The perfect way to create your own version of paradise at home. 

Ok.... now for the finale!
The Jumbo Bowl

Ok this is it.. the big shot, the bigwig, the heavyweight, the big kahuna.. The Kingpin of coconut bowls... The Jumbo Bowl! This bowl has everything. Size, depth, strength with an aura of authority! Basically, it's an epic coconut and here are some ideas as to what to serve in it:

1. Salad - ok ok.. That was a little bit of an anticlimax! But give me a chance. We're not talking about you're average stereotypical salad of lettuce, a couple of sliced tomatoes and half a cucumber... We're talking about multi ingredient, Asian-inspired salads with quinoa, Thai basil, red cabbage, lime, spring onions, jalapeño, garlic, edamame beans, crushed cashew nuts and drizzled in a peanut dressing. That kind of salad. (Don't have that one if you're allergic to nuts like me, obviously) 
2. Pasta - A big old bowl of a vegan Italian linguine with spinach and sun-dried tomato cream sauce is an absolute winner for us. I mean, penne, tagliatelle, spaghetti, fusilli.. you can't go wrong. If added protein is your thing, try the black bean spaghetti or the edamame noodles! They're also really good and boast an outrageous amount of protein!
3. Buddha Bowls - We LOVE buddha bowls. We lost count on the amount of them we had whilst in Bali. It has many elements that usually consist of rice or whole grains, roasted veggies, a dressing and protein.. by way of beans, tofu, lentils or tempeh (you need to try it if you haven't already - don't be put off by the term fermented either!! The bacteria is seriously good for your gut!) We have another blog post dedicated to a 'Badass Buddha bowl' if you have time after reading this! There are step by step instructions and a recipe to try as well!
4. Curry - There is a common misconception in the UK that curries are unhealthy, fast food options for us to have on a Saturday night... Don't get me wrong, I love a fast food curry every now and again! But, a curry can be made to be one of the healthiest meals out there. Spices are amongst the most bioavailable foods - meaning you absorb the most nutrients from them. Curries are absolutely jam-packed full of spices! Some of the most popular are turmeric, cumin, paprika, garam massala to name a few. Just be careful with the amount of calories you consume, as there tends to be a lot of fat in the coconut milk and the oils used in cooking them (that's not to say it's bad for you at all - it just heavy in calories). The key is to eat mindfully. Enjoy every mouthful and stop when you're full - however good the curry is!!
5. Fruit Bowl - Such a simple one to finish. My Nan and Gramp have a Jumbo bowl right in the middle of their coffee table full of fresh fruit. I asked one day why they only used it for that? The answer - 'Lewis, there is no way in hell I'm going to fill that thing if I ate from it!'. It made me chuckle. It just shows the vast amount of uses available if you have a coconut bowl.

Now for the conclusion...
I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post!
At the end of the day... small, medium or large, the size of the bowl doesn't matter... It's how you use it!
Please keep sharing your incredible creations and various uses of your bowls, we aim to share everything! 
I quite enjoy leaving a blog post with a quote, so here goes...

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." – Margaret J. Wheatley

The positive change that can come from simply using a natural, organic product made from nature is pretty incredible. It can inspire us to live more mindfully, to understand where our 'things' come from, to eat healthier foods, to live a healthier lifestyle, to shop more sustainably, support ethical trading... It's like a snowball effect!! More and more people are buying into this way of life because it feels GOOD to live like that, knowing the positive impacts it can have on other people and the world around you, it's infectious! And sometimes all it takes is buying a coconut bowl, or seeing someone else's picture of a healthy smoothie bowl. (Some of you may be thinking.. what the hell has he taken!) But seriously... to us, a coconut bowl is a symbol of human and planetary health. And if eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner from a coconut can be a way to inspire positive environmental, healthful change that needs to be made in this world... So be it!

Stay safe, stay positive and most importantly... STAY COCONUTS!! 
Lewis x
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