Climate Aware with ClimateCare!

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Climate Aware with ClimateCare:

The importance of offsetting our carbon emissions:

Here at Cocabana, our values are extremely important to us. They encompass health and wellbeing, sustainability and community. We focus on bringing about positive change through actions. This involves adopting sustainable, simple habits that have a positive impact on people and the planet we inhabit - these habits can be as simple as using a coconut bowl for an epic smoothie bowl for breakfast!! 


Global warming and climate change are serious problems. Our population continues to grow by millions every year and we are consuming this planet at such a rate that its natural resources will be completely depleted... in our lifetimes! It’s frightening!!

Global Warming

This is why we ensure that the way we operate as a business not only raises awareness to these issues, but will also show others how to do the same. 

  1. Firstly, our products are made from natural resources (coconut bowls, reclaimed wooden cutlery and bamboo) that grow organically in abundance. Those natural resources are then up-cycled and transformed into beautiful products that we can use at home and on the go, foregoing the need for single use plastics!
  2. Ethical trading - usually small farms in Vietnam don’t have the equipment to dispose of their waste, coconuts, therefore would sometimes have to pay to dispose of it. We pay a fair price for this waste, in turn creating an income stream that would not have been there otherwise. We never negotiate on price either. 
  3. The product packaging is completely environmentally friendly - paper based, biodegradable, reusable or recyclable. 
  4. Finally, we support companies like ClimateCare to ensure we’re doing our bit in regards to innovating and discovering new sustainable alternatives to look after the future of this planet.

History has shown that there is only one way to ensure we actually change the world... 


Together we can make a differewnce

We know that even though we do our utmost to be an eco-friendly, environmentally friendly company, we still have a carbon footprint. Even with the most determined efforts to cut our emissions at source, we are still responsible for some carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere, therefore causing global climate change too. This is where ClimateCare come in..

Introduction to ClimateCare:

We aren’t the type of company to ignore this. So, we took responsibility and discovered ClimateCare! We stumbled across them on the internet in search of a way to offset our carbon emissions. We knew instantly that we could really contribute towards positive change by working with them! 

Simply put, carbon offsetting means ensuring that an equivalent amount of carbon that our operations emit is either absorbed, or avoided being emitted elsewhere. Some of the ways this can happen are by financing the introduction of renewable energy or energy efficiency measures to replace the need for fossil fuels, or by the conservation of forest and replanting of them, to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

ClimateCare isn’t a charity. They help businesses achieve carbon offsetting through buying credits from carefully selected emission reduction projects that are accredited to an internationally recognised standard. The projects ClimateCare work on also achieve wider social and environmental impacts, including improving health, reducing poverty, and increasing gender equality.

ClimateCare is a ‘Profit with Purpose’ business which works with forward-thinking organisations to help turn their climate responsibilities into positive outcomes. Since 1997, ClimateCare and its partners have cut over 35 million tonnes of CO and improved quality of life for more than 37 million people around the world. 

With more than 20 years’ experience as a leader in the global carbon markets and climate change sector, ClimateCare works with major public and private sector clients to fund sustainable development projects that reduce carbon emissions at scale, measurably increase quality of life and deliver towards the UN Global Goals. ClimateCare also advises on a range of climate change mitigation and adaptation subjects, from large scale implementation to national climate change policies.

ClimateCare is currently ranked the number one B Corp in the UK – B Corp is a global movement of more than 2,500 purpose-driven companies that are using business as a force for good. ClimateCare operates globally from offices in Oxford, UK and Nairobi, Kenya. 

Some of the projects Cocabana is supporting:

  • We support the Climate+Care portfolio of projects, which brings together a number of ClimateCare’s exclusive projects to generate a high impact portfolio. This portfolio generates a huge variety of benefits for local communities around the world, a few of which we have drawn out in more detail below: 
  • Gyapa efficient cook stoves – based in Ghana this project decreases the use of coal and wood by 50%, reducing families’ exposure to toxic smoke and in turn instances of respiratory disorders and associated carbon emissions. The decreased fuel consumption means that it has saved over 4 million tonnes of CO2 to date.
  • Burn efficient cook stoves – based in East Africa this project has similar benefits to Gyapa, along with employment of over 200 local people of which over half are women.
  • Aqua Clara water filters – Aqua Clara Kenya employs local people to distribute a range of water filtration systems to communities across Kenya, and trains people in how to use them. This not only reduces waterborne disease, but reduces carbon by removing the need for people to boil water in order to make it safe to drink. As a result, it avoids 33,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Find out more at

Follow ClimateCare on twitter: @ClimateCare

The ClimateCare Carbon Calculator:

Use their Carbon Calculator and offset your emissions now:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this short blog post, if it has inspired you to look into ways in which you are able to offset your carbon emissions, then we’ve done our job!! 

Stay coconuts,

Team Cocabana

Climate Care Partner


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