8 Steps to Create the Perfect Thick Smoothie Bowl!

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8 Steps to Create the Perfect Thick Smoothie Bowl!

Few things are as satisfying as a thick and creamy smoothie bowl on a hot summer day, or on any kind of day, for that matter! A smoothie bowl is arguably the most delicious way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables. It’s the perfect treat that will satisfy your sweet cravings, cool you down and fill you up with wholesome plant-based nutrients! Here is a selection of expert tips to help you make the thickest, creamiest smoothie bowl known to mankind:

Step 1: Go bananas for frozen bananas:

Take 4-5 ripe bananas and freeze them without their skins, ideally pre-chopped into chunks. Any banana will work, but the riper they are, the creamier and sweeter they’ll be. Bananas make the perfect base because they add the thick, creamy texture that you’re looking for - the ‘nice cream’ effect!


Step 2: Choose your taste or colour of paradise:

From here, the world really is your oyster. It’s time to decide what your smoothie bowl is going to taste like. If you only have bananas, simply add vanilla extract and some toppings and you’ll have a deliciously thick smoothie bowl, but this is the time to experiment or look up recipes. (See our Instagram for inspiration!

Get creative and pick a colour! Say you choose pink for example, think bananas, mangoes, melons etc for the light colours. And then you have your cherries, dark forest fruits, raspberries etc for the darker colours! You can do this for purple bowls, green bowls, brown bowls (cacao), yellow bowls.. the combinations are endless!

Don’t shy away from leafy greens either like kale, spinach and chard. You often can’t even taste them, but because they are being blended into your smoothie bowl raw, you’ll be eating them in their purest and most nutritious form. This is a particularly good idea if you’re having your smoothie post-workout and want an extra boost of easy, iron-rich goodness.


Step 3: Choose your plant poison:

Plant-based milks are often easier to digest, so it’s worth experimenting with various types. For something really creamy, oat, cashew, coconut or hemp milk are all great options. If you prefer something lighter, coconut water, rice milk or unsweetened almond milk may the better option for you. Each milk will have its own flavour too so you may find you chop and change depending on the fruit and veg you use on your recipe!

If you’re looking to create something more indulgent though, try using canned coconut milk - this is creamy! 

Step 4: Freeze some of the liquid:

Your liquid of choice might be coconut water or plant-based milk, but whichever one you choose, if you have time it’s a great idea to pour some into an ice tray and pop them in when making your smoothie bowl later. This will also allow you to use minimal liquid in your bowl. After all, you want a smoothie bowl, not a beverage, so when you do start adding your liquid of choice, start with a dash at a time.  


Step 5: It’s gadget time:

Any blender will do if you were making smoothies without frozen ingredients, but a high-tech blender like a Vitamix or Blendtec Blender will not only do a better job but last for years, if not decades. If you love smoothies, smoothie bowls, or making homemade healthy ice cream, it’s well worth the investment. Of course, don’t forget to grab your very Instagrammable coconut bowls for when the recipe is complete!

The alternative is a blender like a nutribullet. In our experience, go for at least 1000W power to ensure it is strong enough to blend the frozen ingredients!! 


Step 6: Making your Smoothie Bowl:

Now you’re ready to go! Grab your main ingredients, usually the banana and plant milk and start blending. It’s often a good idea, especially if you’re making a lot, to do the frozen bananas first and start adding your other ingredients after the banana has been blended.

Step 7: Add your liquid cubes:

If you’ve prepped them, add your frozen liquid cubes and the fresh stuff and blend it up. Pulse away to break it up and don’t be afraid of pausing the blender and giving it a mix with a spoon too! 

Step 8:  Extra thickness?:

There are quite a few choices for what to add for additional thickness in your smoothie bowl.

Chia seeds are an amazing thickener as they absorb whatever liquid they’re placed into. They’re also nutrient dense powerhouses! 

Oats are another great thickener even if you don’t cook them beforehand – they’re also an excellent source of fibre and protein, great pre- or post-workout, and are very budget-friendly.

Cauliflower is another great way to bolster your bowl without adding unnecessary calories. Cruciferous vegetables are vitally important for your health so this is an incredible way to include them in your diet!

You could also use nut butter if you want to lean into the creaminess of your bowl, and add some flavour. Almond butter, cashew butter, peanut butter.. they’re all awesome!

Of course, if you have protein powder around, that’s another great way to add some protein and some additional thickness. You can use flavoured or unflavoured depending on what you want the end result to taste like. 

Finally, for the more adventurous of us, silken tofu is another great way to add extra protein. It has a smooth texture and is typically tasteless therefore blends perfectly into your delicious smoothie bowl. 

Add your thickening and/or protein source to your blender. When it’s mixed in, you’re ready to serve! 

Tip: Slow motion videos of pouring your smoothie bowl are very much encouraged!! 


Step 9: Become your own version of Picasso:

Okay, so before you grab your coconut bowl, serve your smoothie and start eating. Exercise a little patience, use your thick smoothie bowl as your canvas and get creative!! Once you’re finished, take a picture, take one last look at your creation and then savour every mouthful! 

Please share it with us on Instagram, we love seeing your own versions of smoothie bowl heaven! It’s such an incredible way to inspire others to do the same. 

Some topping ideas include cacao nibs, nut butters, seeds, chopped nuts, fresh fruit, chia seeds, or a combination of them all!


But Why Smoothie Bowls?

The great thing about smoothie bowls is that they can be enjoyed at any time. Fancy a filling treat first thing in the morning? Break out the blender! Late-night craving for something cool and sweet? Smoothie bowl it is! Whether you’re a nut butter fanatic and want to recreate your favourite childhood dessert with cacao and coconut milk, or you’re looking for a high-protein, seed-topped treat that will keep you satisfied until lunch, smoothie bowls are your answer. They’re  nourishing, versatile, and so easy to make.

Enjoying a smoothie bowl in a coconut bowl is not only nourishing for your body, it’s also helping the planet. It can inspire us, through incredible recipes and photography, to use nature’s gifts and natural products that don’t harm the planet! It also feels good when you eat healthy foods!! The feeling is infectious! By choosing to use our ethically sourced, sustainable coconut bowls you become part of changing the world, one coconut bowl at a time! They’re also beautiful so it’s a win-win!! 

Thank you for reading, you are now ready to create your own THICK smoothie bowls that will transport you to paradise!! 

Stay coconuts,

Team Cocabana

Mindful Eating Smoothie Bowl

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